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Hair Drug Testing Helps Find Drug Addicts



The drug testing is a common method that helps in finding the presence of drug content in a person’s body. This practice is followed in schools, colleges, workplaces, and other places where it is considered a necessity. While drug testing helps in knowing if a person has the habit of consuming drugs or not, there are several ways to cheat a test. Some of the popular ways used to cheat on drug tests include masking chemicals, synthetic urine, etc. However, these are not effective all the time.

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While the common types of drug testing methods such as urine, saliva, and sweat testing, hair drug testing process is quite expensive. However, the results that are produced by this test is quite unmatched with that of the other types. Hair follicle test ensures to render better results in comparison to other drug testing methods to find drug addicts. It clearly points out is the person has the habit of regular consumption of drugs or whether he has quit the habit recently to cover up his drug habit. Eventually, those who attempt to use the formulated products with the intention to pass the drug test will definitely be spotted in the limelight using the hair follicle testing procedure.

In order to conduct hair follicle drug testing, a sample of the person’s hair is needed. This sample is taken to the laboratory for washing and testing purposes. In the laboratory, the hair sample is washed to clear the stains of the drug chemicals deposited by the external sources. In most places, the most preferred drug testing option is hair testing. Even urine testing is common, but the benefits and outcomes of the hair follicle drug testing. Next time, when you have a requirement to know if a specific person is a drug addict or not, you can opt for the hair drug testing method because Hair Drug Testing Helps Find Drug Addicts.

What are the Benefits of 10 Panel and 5 Panel Drug Tests?


The drug addiction causes severe bad effects to the person as well as to the community. Due to the increasing usage and increase in the number of drug addicts, there are several methods to test the drug addicts. The drug testing methods are used among students, workers, employees, youngsters, etc. The 10 panel and 5 panel testing method is highly popular and remains as the best method for testing the drug abusers. It helps to provide reliable and quick results. If you want to do on-site testing for your employees, then you can choose this method. In order to perform this method, samples like saliva and urine are collected.

Multiple drug tests

It is advisable to do multiple drug tests as if one test fails or the person tries to cheat in one test, he/she would get easily caught in the other tests. Therefore, you have to try multiple testing methods to detect and find out the real abuser. Moreover, it is wrong to say someone as a drug abuser who would not take drugs. You have to be sure with the results, and it is advisable to check with several methods for the best answers. It will help to save time and money. The 10 panel and 5 panel test provide results in quick time. There is no need to wait for one week or two to three days to get the result. If the laboratory is well experienced and recognized, then they would provide results on the same day. This test will help to determine drugs like ecstasy, benzodiazepine, barbiturate, methadone, opiates, marijuana, cocaine, and phencyclidine. The test is conducted using samples like saliva and urine.

Cost effective

The cost of the test is affordable than other drug testing options. When you do several tests, you have to pay separately for each test but in this test you will get results in a single test, and you have to pay only once for this test.

What are the Factors you have to Consider When Choosing a Drug Screening Service Provider?


Are you planning to hire a drug screening service provider? Well, you have to consider certain factors in mind so that you can get accurate and real results. If you are going to work with a new service provider, then there are chances of errors or faults in the results.

Industry experience: The provider should have adequate industry experience. Most industries like travel and transportation ensure to go through alcohol and drug testing regulations. They ensure to maintain the program in a complaint free manner.

In-house facility: The testing center should provide in-house testing facilities. For example, if you have to test for a large number of students or employees, the lab technician should visit directly and collect the samples. The medical review officer should have sufficient experience and knowledge in the drug and alcohol testing methods. They should evaluate and tell which method is suitable and advisable for the school or organization. Moreover, they should have already provided services for other major and leading centers and institutions.

Expertise: When it comes to drug testing, the person should have experience more than drug testing. The person should know how to collect the samples, how to preserve the samples and deliver the samples to the lab. It is a waste to contact a person who just knows only about conducting the test.

Customizable solution: The drug testing center should provide complete solutions under their roof. For example, they have to provide both alcohol and drug testing in their center. If they are going to provide either one or follow only urine test or blood test for detecting the drugs, then the clients would get disappointed and choose a company that provides complete services.

Advanced technologies: The service provider should use advanced tools and technologies in the testing process. Such advanced measures will help to get accurate and fast results.